Blogging for Good: Second Harvest Food Bank


Second Harvest isn’t simply a canned food distributor. They have cold storage areas for fresh fruits and vegetables too.

I am excited to experience the Central Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference (CFLBlogCon) tomorrow. Since I am a new blogger, I am gravitating more towards the social media aspects of the conference, but I am still eager to learn as much as I can from experts in the blogging world.

I have the opportunity to develop my blogging skills by contributing a post in the Blogging for Good series that the conference’s organizers encouraged all attendees to write. The posts focus on one of six area nonprofits that CFLBlogCon is supporting this year.


Wawa thanked Central Florida for all the love they showed upon their entry into the local market with this newspaper insert.

As I had visited Second Harvest Food Bank this summer, it seemed like a natural place to blog about. Coincidentally, there was a wrap around the front page of the newspaper last month from the folks at Wawa (my second post was all about the hype surrounding Wawa’s entry into Orlando) and this post from Wawa followed a few days later; both the paper and the post mention the donation of more that $35,000 that the Pennsylvania-based gas and convenience store chain brought to Second Harvest.

During my visit on one of their “Food for Thought” tours, we watched a brief video that talked about the faces of hunger in Central Florida. And the faces they showed in that video were people I knew! While part of me was not surprised to see that particular family in the video (I knew they depended on food aid), it was still quite a shock to see their story and to know that others were seeing their story as well. Without the aid provided by Second Harvest, they and many other families would go hungry.


Second Harvest uses every inch of space as effectively as possible in their current facility.

Afterward, our host, Development Manager Sasha Hausman, led us on tour of the warehouse, which is currently far too small for their needs. Second Harvest has begun building a new facility, the Morgan & Morgan, P.A. Hunger Relief Center, that will help them provide meals to many more than the 732,000 people they were limited in serving last year. The irony of its location on Mercy Drive is not lost on an organization that deals in mercy daily! (See a webcam view of the progress in construction here!)

I want to thank Sasha and the folks at Second Harvest for doing their best to open the eyes of the public to the depth of food needs in Central Florida. Hunger is a 24/7 problem in our area, and the need has only increased in the last few years as the economy soured and struggles to revive.

How can you help? There are too many ways to mention!Image

If your ambition isn’t quite that high, you can still help when you dine out:

Also, since September is Hunger Action Month, you can check this calendar for other ideas how to do your part to fight hunger in Central Florida. Like the familiar faces I saw in that video, the people we are helping are your friends and neighbors. Spread the word and feed the need!

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